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Outdoor slide, with various shapes, rich projects and customized design, is favored by buyers. As a large amusement device, the correct maintenance measures can keep the outdoor slide with good safety performance and long service life, which can save unnecessary investment.

Daily maintenance is essential, so the amusement facilities should be maintained at least every 15 days according to the standard. The staff should conduct daily inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection and annual inspection for the large amusement facilities under their jurisdiction, and fill in relevant records.

1.There will be dust accumulation on the surface of the slide, which should be cleaned regularly with detergent to ensure the smoothness of the slide surface.

2.When the slide is out of service for a long time, color strip cloth shall be used to wrap the slide tightly to avoid sunlight and delay the aging of slide gel coat.

3.Check whether the fastener of the slide column is loose and fasten it, and determine the reliability of the measures.

4.Check the aging degree of the slide. If the chute is found to be excessively aged, ask the equipment manufacturer to identify whether it can be used again.

5.Check the slide equipment foundation, and timely reinforce the foundation if it is found to be loose, displaced or deviated

6.Check whether the bolts of the connecting fasteners of the slide are loose and fasten them in time.

7.In case of severe weather such as hail, the slide shall be covered with color strip cloth in advance to ensure that the surface of the slide will not be damaged by hail and affect its use.

8.Before the slide is opened again after it is stopped, the staff should check the slide. No exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, etc. are allowed where passengers may touch. There shall be no crack, deformation, fracture and other phenomena. If any abnormality is found, it shall be repaired in time.

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