Hoe om die bevordering van binnenshuise avontuur-trampolienpark te maak
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(1)Making special day for promotion. 

Generally speaking business is not good during working day, take Monday for example, we named it as “Lady Day”and issue half price ticket for lady on Monday, usually they’ll come with friends and there will be “team ticket”for mail customer. Also we can name the first Saturday of each month as “Family Day” and issue some promotion to attractive customers.


(2)Cooperate with other shops

For example, customer will get a coupon of XX ice cream(for example a local famous brand) once they buy indoor adventure trampoline park ticket. Such action enhance business for both shops.

(3)Holding more activity in trampoline park

For example, slam dunk competition, climbing competition etc. And some public benefit activity. So that our trampoline park is more than a indoor family entertainment park but also a public social medium.

(4)Different policy for ticket

a.Single card

b.Annual card

c.Semi-annual card

d.Member card

e.Birthday party service

f.Free trial ticket

Based on above type and local market, different city different ticket policy.

(5)Gift promotion

Prepare some gift with indoor trampoline park logo, such as cup,bag,toy etc.and give them for member or winner or birthday kids.

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